21% Less SEO Traffic Due to Snippets

Most SEO experts love feature snippets and try to get one. This isn’t usually possible for local terms, like “denver seo” or other such things, but for more general terms that are information-based. However, we now hear that the display of featured snippets in Google results has led to a significant drop in traffic for Wikipedia. Wikipedia receives a snippet for many search queries and often occupies the first place in organic rankings.

Google’s Featured Snippets are a bit controversial: Although they give the content of a website more visibility on the search result pages, the reason to actually click on those websites decreases because a lot of information can be seen directly. Criticism of featured snippets has increased recently. For example, there were discussions about a new variant: In this variant, Google combines information from different sources into a single snippet.

How snippets can affect search traffic is now shown by the example of Wikipedia: Duane Forrester is quoted as saying that Wikipedia lost 21 percent of its traffic through the introduction of snippets:

Wikipedia has allegedly lost 21 percent of its traffic through snippets.

Google, on the other hand, repeatedly asserts that snippets are not detrimental to the websites from which the content comes.

Wikipedia is a special case in Google results: For many search queries, the information in the snippets comes from Wikipedia. In addition, Wikipedia occupies first place in the organic Google rankings for numerous keywords. It is precisely these circumstances that may have caused the traffic that Wikipedia receives from searches to be particularly affected by snippets.